Real Estate Documentation Process

Anyone considering purchasing property in Turkey wonders about the procedure for its documentation. The documentation process for real estate in Turkey is quite straightforward. With years of experience, all our transactions proceed smoothly, and we guide you through each stage. Here, you can read about the steps of the real estate documentation process.

1. Signing the Contract

The first step in initiating the property documentation is signing the sales contract. The contract needs to be signed for several reasons: to fix the property's price, outline payment and property transfer terms, conditions of handover, and the responsibilities of each party. The contract is prepared in two languages: Turkish and Englısh. It is signed among the seller, the real estate agency, and the buyer.

2. Document Preparation

Obtaining a tax number

Notarized translation of Russian and International Passports

Opening a bank account

Expert Appraisal

For documentation of property for a foreign citizen according to Turkey's laws, an assessment report from an independent, accredited expert in the Cadastral Management is required.

3. Application to Cadastral Management

The seller submits an application for transaction documentation, which includes the buyer's details and the official property price. The official property price and its cost in the contract can differ, as many sellers cannot declare the full property cost to avoid high profit taxes.

4. Currency Conversion Document to Turkish Lira

As per the property documentation rules, a document from the bank confirming the currency conversion to Turkish Lira is necessary. During this procedure, a transaction of funds from the buyer's account to the seller's account, based on the officially declared property price, also occurs.

5. Obtaining Title Deed (TAPU)

At the appointed time in the Cadastral Management, in the presence of the seller, buyer, and translator, the official property transfer act is signed. By this point, the seller receives the full property cost from the buyer. The title deed is issued to the buyer immediately after signing the act. You can find detailed information about TAPU by following this link:

6. Utility Service Arrangements

With the assistance of our manager, arrangements are made for utility service contracts: electricity, water, and gas. To arrange these contracts, copies of TAPU, passport, application, DASK earthquake insurance, and meter numbers are required.

! In the case of time constraints for personal presence during the transaction, property documentation can be completed via power of attorney. The power of attorney is prepared in a Turkish notary and only grants the right to purchase property in your name and to sign utility service contracts.


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