Purchase Expenses

Expenses When Buying Real Estate:

Important information that interests anyone considering a real estate purchase. It's advisable to calculate all expenses before arriving for the real estate purchase.

Calculation of Property Registration Expenses:

According to Turkish legislation, both the seller and the buyer pay 2% of the officially declared property value. However, in practice, if there are no other agreements, all registration expenses are paid by the buyer. It's important to note that the officially declared property value and the actual value often differ. The decision on the official value lies with the seller, as the selling price determines profit. According to the law, if real estate is sold within 5 years, a tax is levied on the profit.

Property appraisal cost: 3,335 Turkish Lira. This amount is paid to the Real Estate Appraisal Department at the Cadastre Office.

Cadastral fee: The amount of the cadastral fee is determined by the Cadastre Office, which is 1,672 Turkish Lira for apartments and villas. The size of the fee for registering a land plot is determined by its area.

Utility Registration Expenses:

To register utility services, it's necessary to obtain DASK (earthquake insurance). The cost of insurance is determined by the area and building characteristics. For example, a new 100 sq. m apartment in the Konyaaltı/Antalya area costs 272 Turkish Lira.

Electricity: Subscription fee of 350 Turkish Lira and a deposit of 200 Lira.

Water: Subscription fee of 200 Turkish Lira and a deposit of 200 Turkish Lira.

Gas: Subscription and connection costs around 3,000 Turkish Lira.

Annual Property Tax:

The annual property tax is paid in two equal installments to the municipality where the property is located, with the first installment due by the end of May and the second by the end of November.

In the city:

Residential: 0.02%

Commercial: 0.04%

Land for construction: 0.06%

Agricultural land: 0.02%

In other areas:

Residential: 0.01%

Commercial: 0.02%

Land for construction: 0.03%

Agricultural land: 0.01%

Our managers will provide you with precise information on the expenses associated with your chosen property.


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