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Many of you have already visited Turkey and are familiar with its neighborhoods and even specific properties. Due to various reasons, sometimes it's necessary to use online services. If you don't have time for a trip, don't want to miss out on a property you like, or wish to make a more profitable investment due to rising prices, our online registration service is perfect for you.

For your chosen property, we will send you comprehensive information and documents, such as the Tapu (property title deed), Iskan (building use permit), floor plan, and apartment or villa layout. You can read the document descriptions on the 'Documents and Description' page by following this link: [Link to the page]. We will arrange an online property viewing. Our manager will contact you via WhatsApp, Skype, or FaceTime. You'll be able to see the property and ask any questions regarding the apartment or villa. Once all conditions for the property are agreed upon, we will prepare a contract that the seller signs and send you a scanned copy via email. After you sign the contract, you send it back to us. We keep your copy of the contract in our office and hand it to you upon your arrival. Another option for delivering the contract is via mail. Payment for the property goes to the seller's account as per the signed contract. There are two options for obtaining the Tapu: personal presence or obtaining it through a power of attorney, which can be obtained at the Turkish embassy in your country based on a sample provided by us.

MyAntalya Company guarantees the acquisition of Tapu, as well as the transparency and cleanliness of the transaction.

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